We are very enthusiastic to supply you the well known Indonesian exotic Fresh Mangosteen fruit which having a specification that showing you an identic tropical fruit from Indonesia.

So cool for life. Sweet with sour are fresh. Gaven Vitamin C and B complex which support to protect the bacteria on skin. Steam mangosteen peel and chilled for save cancer including healing the diarrhea.

Our product is directly harvested from mangosteen farmer in West Lombok, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara where Lombok Island is the best mangosteen producer in asia.

Product Description


Our product is directly harvested from coffee farmers in North and East Lombok - Lombok Island - West Nusa Tenggara Province - Indonesia.

Our plantation field is 800 - 1200 meters above sea level for Robusta variants and 900 - 2000 meters above sea level for Arabica variants with over 4.500 hectare of coffee farm, our coffee character has Medium Body, Chocolate & Caramel Flavor and the main distinctive character our coffee has Fruit Aroma, it is because North and East Lombok was the largest Strawberry fruit farm production in Indonesia.

The process we take to ensure quality of the product by directly involved in the process of harvesting the red cherry, cherry sortation, depulping process, drying process and the final process of packaging. We are involved in every stage of the coffee farming process.


1. Arabica Green Beans Arabica is a wet processed coffee first introduced by the Dutch to Indonesia nearly three centuries ago. When arabica beans are unroasted they give off a scent of blueberries. The bean creates a clean, rich cup with Indonesian characteristics without any earthy flavours.

The characters of Arabica Coffee
Fruited sweetness, citrus aroma, orange peel, light body.

a. Arabica Natural Coffee Beans
b. Luwak Green Beans
Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee made with coffee beans that are retrieved from the feces of an animal called the civet, then washed, sun-dried, and lightly roasted. Civet coffee is one of the world’s most sought after and most expensive coffees. Agroexotic provide phytosanitary certificate and already registered as exporter coffee company in Indonesia.
c. Wine Green Beans
Wine Coffee, which is a fermentation of Arabica coffee, has a stronger and more concentrated flavor. In order for the flavor to appear more, the brewing and drinking process is different. Wine Coffee, usually brewed with boiling water using the V60 brewing technique which produces coffee without pulp. Agroexotic provide phytosanitary certificate and already registered as exporter coffee company in Indonesia.
d. Green Bean Honey Flavour
Honey Flavor Arabica is arabica coffee that has a unique aroma and flavor. Honey coffees often have a syrupy body with enhanced sweetness, round acidity and earthy undertones. Agroexotic provides phytosanitary certificate and already registered as exporter coffee company in Indonesia.

2. Robusta Green Beans Robusta coffee is the second most popular coffee in the world, so if you’re a coffee lover – it makes sense that you’d want to know all about it. Given that there are over a hundred species of coffee, robusta has done well to become the second most popular coffee on the world market.

The characters of Robusta Coffee
Have a strong taste, bold and heavy body.

Product Description


Vanilla is a flavor derived from orchid s of the genus Vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species Vanilla has very high aroma and very good taste. Indonesia is one of the largest vanilla beans producer country in the world. We produce the best Planifolia and Tahitensis Vanilla Beans from Indonesia.

We process our vanilla beans with a standard to get perfect moisture and vanillin content in every single vanilla beans. Our Farmer take care the vanilla beans like their own child.Our vanilla beans are natural sun dried vanilla pod. We process it like that in order to meet international standards.

We always use gloves when packing vanilla beans and use a vacuum pack to avoid mold

Product Description